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Snowlinux 1 "Winter" Gnome & MATE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Snowlinux 1 "Winter".


Snowlinux 1 "Winter" Gnome


Snowlinux 1 "Winter" MATE


Snowlinux is a brand new project. See here.

New features:

  • Gnome-Shell, Gnome-Fallback and MATE
  • Black splash screens
  • Hardware manager
  • Better software selection
  • Snowlinux-Metal-Icons
  • Improved speed and response
  • New look and feel
  • System improvements

System requirements:

• x86-CPU
• 512 MB memory
• 4 GB free disk space
• Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
• CD-ROM drive or USB port


32-bit: a297d5e8af26c8d866cd897acac8dd49

64-bit: 149caa5d01372425f0bf8fafc9716d98




We are looking forward to your comment on this release. Thank you for using Snowlinux and enjoy this new release.