Fixed ISOs soon available

Solved the problem

The bug was adressed, identified and fixed yesterday.



The ISO has still some tests to do.



After the test the ISOs the upload will be started.


Time schedule

The new bug-fixed ISOs should be avaibale today's evening.

Snowlinux 2 "Cream" MATE cancelled


Eue to a release criticial bug we noticed shortly the release of Snowlinux 2 "Cream" MATE has been cancelled.

Sometimes the theme and icon set crashed with the error dbus mate-settings-daemon gnome-settings-daemon conflict.

The error only appears sometimes so we didn't noticed it when testing the ISOs.


Cause of this error

Due a conflict between MATE and Gnome some important components couldn't be loaded. The missing of these components are resulting the failure of loading the theme and the icon set.

The conflict only appears if the gnome-settings-daemon is loaded after the mate-settings-daemon.


Fixing this error

We're not sure which way is best to fix this error. We can try to solve the conflict between the MATE-Settings-Daemon and the Gnome-Settings-Daemon or we can set the loading priority correctly.


Time schedule

We didn't know for sure when we'll have this fixed because we didn't know why this error is produced and how to fix it yet. We're on schedule to release it again in one week.



If this error is fixed we'll inform you in a seperate blog entry.



We apologize for this release delay of Snowlinux 2 Cream "MATE".