What's new in Snowlinux 4 E17

Linux 3.5

This is the Linux kernel we use for this release. It brings many features to the users, whose weren't available in prior Linux kernel releases. For example it brings support to the filesystem and for the new Nvidia kepler graphic cards.



We build E17 from the E17 repository on our own. It's a desktop environment which has been developed for 12 years since December 2000. It's a fast, reliable and modern-looking desktop environment.


SnowOSX, SnowClassic and SnowGnome2

We provide different shells for E17: SnowOSX, SnowClassic and SnowGnome 2.


E17 menu

This is the E17 menu.


E17 settings

This is the E17 control center. Here can you configure your system as you want to.