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Here you can get to the official Snowlinux forum.

You can ask in all languages you want to.

Please feel free to post what you want, it doesn't matter if it's on-topic or off-topic.

As long as it isn't against the guidelines don't hesitate to use the official Snowlinux forum.

Snowlinux 3.1 E17: E17 alpha 2 in the official repository

E17 alpha, which was released this week, is in our official Snowlinux repository now. Please update your system. You can download Snowlinux 3.1 E17 here. E17 on its way to become a fast and stable desktop environment.

Donations for Snowlinux

We urgently need some donations to be able to work on Snowlinux 4 with MATE, Cinnamon, XFCE and E17 which will be released at the beginning of 2013. We've to work full-time on Snowlinux 4 and we've to pay a maintainer for the E17 edition.


Why donate money? Snowlinux is free of cost and doesn't generate income. It is funded by advertising, sponsoring and donations.


What is the money used for? The money is used to finance all costs of the distribution, to pay the servers, advertise on other websites and all other which is needed to distribute Snowlinux.


How much money should I donate? Some people donate a couple of hundreds dollars the other only a single.


The long-term plan regarding the funding of Snowlinux? We want to be able to do this as a full time job to gain the most perfect distribution and ensure that all editions of Snowlinux can be distributed.


dollar in Dollar                                                                          euro in Euro


Here is the list of our sponsors (if you don't want to have you on this list, please don't hesitate to contact us):

Curtis D. $25,00

Artem G. $ 7,50

Gregory W. $9,24

Robert M. $50,00

Giorgio F. L. $2,60
Anonymus $20,00
Patrick H. $10,00
Shane S. $11,00
Christoph S. $12,78

Lars M. $12,78

Kenneth L. $28,45

Dejan P. $12,78
Rashmita P. $20

Agustin J. V. T. $15

Robert R. $15

Norbert K. $12,78

Christian S. $0,95