Help out

Why donate money? Snowlinux is free of cost and doesn't generate income. It is funded by advertising, sponsoring and donations.


For what is the money used? The money is used to finance all costs of the distribution, to pay the servers, advertise on other websites and all other which is needed to distribute Snowlinux.


How much money should you donate? Some people donate a couple of hundreds dollars the other only a single.


The long-term plan regarding the funding of Snowlinux? We want to be able to do this as a full time job to gain the most perfect distribution and ensure that all editions of Snowlinux can be distributed.


in Dollar


in Euro




November 2012

Lars Mogren $12,90


October 2012

Kenneth Lek $28,45

Dejan Petrovic $12,98
Rashmita Pattanaik $20


September 2012

Agustin J. V. T. $15


June 2012

Robert Rader $15

January 2011

Norbert K. $12,58

Christian S. $0,95







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